More About Me

Alice has lived in Nyack since 1996, moving out of her loft in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  Once in Nyack, she adapted happily to shopping in large supermarkets, parking in her own driveway, and waking up in the morning to birdsong.  The water views and beautiful hiking trails around town remind her of Seattle, her hometown.  She loves living in a town where motorists routinely stop to let pedestrians cross the street (with or without a stop sign).

Alice is grateful that her daughter, a college student, grew up in such an idyllic setting.  Every activity - daycare, attending school, day camps, sports leagues, childrens' theatre, music lessons and community service projects - was spent among caring parents, teachers, coaches and neighbors.

Besides working in real estate, Alice works as a public interest lawyer in the Bronx.  She strives in both roles to create with each client a relationship built on trust, confidence, patience and respect.

In her free time, Alice spends as much time as possible walking her Portuguese Waterdog through Nyack's beautiful neighborhoods.  On these walks, she takes note of the abundant housing choices: the Victorians Nyack is famous for; houses close to town; houses on wooded half-acre lots, houses on or near busy streets.  There is something here for everyone!